Silent Auction

Silent Auction October 18, 2019 held at the Snow Valley Ski Lodge

We cordially invite all parents to join us at the Snow Valley Racing Association’s Silent Auction!  If you have been with the program a while, then you will know how much fun the evening is and how great it is to catch up with everyone after the summer months. For those of you new to the club, it’s a great evening to learn a little about the club and meet up with some of the wonderful parents attending.

Each Snow Valley Racing family is required to purchase two tickets for the Silent Auction Event at registration. The tickets can be used for your family or can be given out to friends and colleagues to join in on the evening’s fun.

We would encourage you to purchase extra tickets so you can invite friends, business associates or family. The higher the attendance, the more money we can raise for our racers. Please let us know if you have any dietary challenges  and we will do our very best to accommodate you.

Each race family is required to contribute at least one donated item for the auction.  Each donation needs to be handed in along with a form so that we can document the items correctly. This item should have a value of at least $50.00; we are trying to get higher-end products on the auction table in order to achieve our fund raising goals. Donations can be dropped off at the race office.  The sooner we have the items in, the easier it is for the committee to organize them.  There will be a deadline for dropping off donations TBA.

Any help you can offer in soliciting auction items from local businesses or hotels; ski lodges etc. would be most helpful.

The auction is about raising money for the program and keeping our racing costs down.  Volunteers are needed to run this event.  Please sign up here:

A form letter to help with soliciting for donations is available.  Please inquire with the Program Director

*Remember, no items will be accepted without the donation form being complete and attached and the final drop off date is OCTOBER 7, 2019. We will have some parent volunteers calling you to remind you as the deadline draws near.  The contact person for the Silent Auction is Leah Day, Silent Auction Chair Thanks for your help with the Silent Auction, we look forward to seeing you on October 18 at Snow Valley.